Patch v0.25


  • Fixed BumBum staying in the Valley if he kills you and you continue onto the next day
  • Fixed a lot of the portrait problems that were reported
  • Made the days slightly longer again
  • Added Doctor Don to the “regular villager system” so he should appear at the LakeDay now
  • Fixed the problem with the carpenter’s house colliders
  • Fixed the issue with the gate to the abandoned house having it’s animation on closed even if it isn’t
  • No alerts from dragging dead bodies should happen after the midnight
  • Fixed Morgo doing his thing even when you’ve incapacitated him
  • Fixed Morgo showing his ass to the Sheriff on the stage
  • Fixed the big brute still being able to talk after death
  • Added a dialogue and animation when you hit Morgo on the second Sunday


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Sep 12, 2019

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