Patch v0.30


  • Added a secret boss (still missing some sounds, sorry)
  • Tried optimizing the game a bit
  • Fixed the clothes looking clean when you sit
  • Added a background for the buttons in the character builder
  • Your character will now look to the side when in the character builder
  • Added a bald option for hair. Sorry for taking so long, it took a lot of time to draw.
  • Fixed the buy prompt staying on top of the shop window if you exit while the prompt is visible
  • Tried a little “tweak” for the issue that hitting people with a 0 damage item (for example a fish) caused
  • Tried a fix for the inventory problem where the item you had in hand when sleeping didn’t save properly
  • The sauna rocks shouldn’t reset anymore if you have collected all of them and you use time travel
  • Fixed the home-gate depth problem
  • Tried a little fix for the football getting stuck near walls
  • Fixed Lil Bobby sometimes being missing in that one place
  • Fixed the zombie portrait and dialogue problem
  • Fixed the zombies attacking you while they “talk”
  • Fixed some items staying in the end credits
  • Clicking will activate your cursor and move to the keyboard layout


Lakeview Valley 193 MB
Sep 27, 2019
Lakeview Valley v0.30 201 MB
Sep 27, 2019

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