Patch v1.08

So sorry for not patching here for a while! It's the price I pay for being a "shoot from the hip" kinda developer... I tend to forget stuff... Anyway! Here's a list of changes since the last update (v1.02)

  • Added a lantern item
  • Made the sauna work differently, now you have to press A or E to throw water on the kiuas
  • Changed the last question of the Preacher to be drug related instead of upgrade related
  • Added 15 new outfits
  • Added 6 new hairstyles
  • Added a delay to crapping your pants so you have time to react
  • Fixed the bald hair not working
  • Added a little tweak that should allow you to get out of a shop, even after closing time
  • Made the number of flies reset when “traveling”
  • Made the time warping move the clock faster
  • Fixed the home award achievement not unlocking
  • Hopefully fixed the issue that caused you to transport to black screen area when you drag an object and die
  • Removed some unnecessary stuff, hopefully helps even a little bit with the loading times between areas
  • Made the zombies a bit faster
  • Added a little text and audio cue when it’s midnight
  • Fixed the number keys sometimes not working for the inventory
  • Made keyboard players able to change inventory slots with T and Y
  • Made the map upgrade work with the Y button on a controller
  • There was a problem with the randomised “treasure” dig-sites, fixed it, and also added almost the double amount of dig-sites to the game
  • The metal-detector shouldn’t keep peeping after you’ve digged the hole anymore
  • The cat and the dog should not get suspicion “pop-ups” over their heads anymore
  • Made Dr Don move a bit slower
  • Made sure the Sheriff’s contribution to the building of the stage gets reset if you “travel”
  • Made sure the Sheriff’s decision to start with the song gets reset if you “travel”
  • Fixed the “bone throwing” problem if you “travel”
  • Made sure the Hermit doesn’t give his “gift” speech if you’ve already gone to bed
  • The signed work permit will now be removed if you “travel”
  • Found a reason why the “big guy” didn’t take damage from the chainsaw, fixed it
  • Made sure Luanne’s shop doesn’t leave the “sell prompt” open if you exit during it
  • Found a reason why Jimmy suddenly disappeared at the arcade cabinet. Added a little fix so it shouldn’t happen with any NPCs anymore. Unless it’s midnight ofcourse.
  • The stage floors quest should now reset if you travel
  • Tweaked the pathfinding, it might still cause some slowdown but I’ll keep optimising it
  • Fixed Amy’s body not registering to anyones eyes when you drag her
  • Fixed the NPCs doing that weird shuffle and then teleporting back to their location. They still do the shuffle but at least they don’t teleport now…
  • Added some precautions to the “restart day” mechanic so everything gets destroyed and reloaded properly, hopefully it helps with the duplication problem
  • Made BumBum to repath himself if he deems himself stuck
  • Fixed the embarrassing “Return to title sreen” typo…
  • Fixed the softlock that happened if you continue on Saturday after dying instead of restarting the day
  • Added an offset to where the masks drop when you use beds or chairs etc. so you will be able pick them up again more easily
  • The arrow keys should work for movement now
  • Fixed the worm partly staying on your yard if you swim away
  • Made George have his regular shop dialogue if you talk to him while Ruth is there
  • Made the stubs in your yard disappear after you get the better lawn
  • Made sure the credits don’t loop after waiting too long
  • The clock will now hopefully disappear if you die while “time skipping”
  • Made Ivan sleep on a futon so I was able to remove the collider so you’ll have an easier time fucking him, YOU’RE WELCOME!
  • Fixed the scarecrow thing (that not many have found)
  • Fixed the colliders near the eastern bridge that allowed you to glitch out of the map
  • Tweaked the fishing mini-game since the rod disappears if you exit while the fish is showing
  • Made it so the football gets teleported to a pre-determined position in the next area once it leaves the screen
  • Drew portraits for all the villager faces you can wear
  • Fixed the “Fall of morality” achievement
  • Made it so you lose the Sheriffs trust if you “travel”
  • Fixed the instance that caused Morgo to stop doing what he’s doing on Sunday (you know what I’m talking about)
  • Tweaked a thing that might’ve caused the murdered NPCs to disappear after you killed them and “traveled”
  • Made it so you can still heal yourself at the doctor, even if there’s someone to meet him
  • Fixed the problem with the pause menu in the underworld
  • Made it so Morgo should now only focus on the villagers on Sunday


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