Patch v1.01


  • Fixed the shop buy prompts being porked on certain resolutions
  • Fixed the prices in Amy’s stall
  • Fixed the bridge problems
  • Fixed the disappearing beard bug
  • Fixed the problem with the dreams
  • Made Dr. Don teleport to his office in a certain cutscene
  • Fixed dialogue not branching properly in numerous places
  • Tried a little fix for the dialogue regarding the stage on Saturday
  • Fixed the dream dialogues
  • Fixed that one thing staying on Rebecca
  • Fixed the typo in one of the pop-ups
  • Added a longer delay between certain pop-ups when you catch something
  • Added the missing colliders to Frank’s house
  • The cow should now disappear at midnight too
  • The corpse of Amy Cooper will now act like a regular corpse and alert NPCs if you move it
  • Added introductory dialogue for the doctor
  • Fixed Frank being able to shoot you even after midnight
  • Fixed Franks map displayer showing up in the map after midnight
  • Tweaked the big guy again, wasn’t able to get him stuck now, but it still might be bugged
  • Added dialogue for Amy at that one place
  • Made it impossible to get out of your bed during the transition to the next day
  • Made the moths and corpses react to chainsaw
  • BumBum should now stop following you and not bug out if you’re swimming
  • Made it so if you die during the Sheriffs cutscene, it doesn’t go to the next dialogue entry
  • The date on Friday won’t happen if you haven’t been invited now
  • Using cheats will now disable the achievements
  • Tried once again to make sure the Preacher doesn’t stay at your yard if you die and continue onto the next day…
  • Fixed the colliders near the beach diner that allowed you to glitch out of the map
  • Added introductory dialogue for most of the villagers
  • Added A LOT of new hidden dialogue
  • Changed the bracelets into something else
  • Your inventory should now save when traveling
  • Fixed the improved grass appearing in front of the interior of the sauna
  • Fixed the mascara being in front of the shed
  • Spruced up Frank’s cabin
  • Made the town fountain into an actual fountain
  • Added something to the old man
  • Sheriff should now continue onto his act if certain criteria isn’t met, that previously just caused him to stop doing anything
  • The game should now save the “turned” poops, so restarting a day should now still have their transformed versions
  • Fixed the background on a certain cutscene
  • Fixed the hat on a certain cutscene
  • Morgo shouldn’t attack Dweller now
  • Your clothes should now return if you restart the day while nude
  • Blocked the path where you could glitch yourself into the water near the western beach
  • Fixed the colliders at the Sheriff’s office and at other places
  • Fixed colliders and the water at the eastern bridge
  • Fixed Matt being inside of the house while talking to Dixon who is outside
  • The Hermit shouldn’t stay at the beach now
  • Fixed a collider that allowed you to glitch out of the map near Franks home
  • Fixed the collider on the sidewalk near the abandoned house
  • Fixed the snakes being able to bite you even when they can’t reach you
  • Added echoes


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Oct 21, 2019
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Oct 21, 2019

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