Patch v1.02


  • Fixed the looping problem if you go into the water on the last Sunday
  • Found a possible reason that might’ve caused the Sheriff to always say you were reported of suspicious activity, even if you weren’t, fixed it
  • Made the footstep sounds stop when you’re in a cutscene
  • Dropping an item while swimming will now make you lose the item! So be careful not to drop anything valuable!
  • Made sure the severed heads get removed if you travel
  • You should now be able to exit the map with the “B button” on a controller
  • Added a little more feedback for when you kill that mysterious creature
  • Made sure the footsteps get muted when you pause the game
  • Fixed (hopefully) the mysterious creature’s animation problems
  • Fixed Matt thinking that Donna is dead right after starting a new game
  • Added the big guy to the list that gets reset if you travel
  • Fixed the collider problem near the abandoned house
  • Made sure the number of snakes you have killed will reset if you travel
  • Fixed Ruth doing that weird teleport thing at the beginning of the game
  • Fixed the thing on that bridge in that one place not counting the killed villagers properly
  • Fixed the prices at Amy’s stall AGAIN SINCE I’M AN IDIOT!
  • Fixed Morgo telling the story again and again and again
  • Made sure Luanne actually leaves when she is done at your home
  • The shotgun works, but the spread made it miss easily, so I doubled the amount of pellets it releases on a shot
  • Made it so that one gentleman acts independently on LakeDay if you haven’t taken any help from him
  • Made it so the shroom affects a certain dialogue between two characters
  • Tried a little fix for the Mystery Ladys certain dialogue not activating properly. Not sure if it helped since I couldn’t find an obvious reason for what might cause it
  • Added some dialogue if you bring the Sheriff to a certain place
  • Made it so the game also saves your current selected inventory slot, not sure if it helps with the item duplication problem but fingers crossed!
  • Fixed the weird clipping problem with Mary
  • I reduced the time warp speed that happens when you sit on a bench. The minutes should still go about as fast as before but the characters will move a bit slower. The faster it goes, the easier they get stuck inside walls so let’s try this


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Oct 23, 2019

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