Patch v0.32


  • Added a big ol’ lore dump
  • Buying the stove will allow you to drink coffee every morning
  • Added a way to gain stamina without killing anyone
  • Fixed the issue with the shotgun ammo upgrade
  • Fixed the swimming issue
  • Lowered the volume of a certain “scare” audio
  • Made it so the time traveling resets some of the quests, while allowing you to keep your upgrades and inventory.
  • There was a bug which caused your stamina to not increase. Sorry! Fixed it.
  • Rebecca should now be romanceable in a hard to find way
  • Luanne should now be romanceable if you play your cards right
  • Fixed the bug where the Sheriff would just stop his speech on Sunday and nothing would happen


Lakeview Valley v0.32 194 MB
Oct 02, 2019
Lakeview Valley v0.32 202 MB
Oct 02, 2019

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