Patch v0.28


  • Added a “TOO EARLY” warning when you try to sleep before 8pm
  • Moved the inventory to the bottom of the screen (let me know what you think of this)
  • You can now exit the shops and the pause menu with the B button on your gamepad
  • Added a GUI element for Stamina if you have the HUD upgrade
  • Made sure the inventory stays behind the “Time to choose” screen
  • The zombies should not follow you into the water anymore
  • Fixed the cut out trees at the junkyard
  • Made the junkyard dirtier
  • Added a loading text, no more just black screen when you load or start a game
  • Villagers will now make a note if they see you with the chainsaw. Sheriff will then link all villagers killed by a chainsaw to you
  • Fixed an issue that caused you to appear behind benches and toilets
  • Started to add more dialogue to the villagers on the end of the week


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Sep 17, 2019

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