Patch v0.29


  • Fixed the button problem, SORRY!
  • The NPCs shouldn’t report dead bodies that are guarded by the Sheriff already
  • Tweaked the chainsaw damage
  • Nerfed the shit
  • Reduced the time stun time of fishes when used as a weapon
  • Alex should now offer to sell you the poles for the stage if you visit her during the day
  • Throwing weapons are now registered as murder weapons
  • Tweaked the NPC pathfinding, noticed a better framerate. Hopefully it helped with them getting stuck
  • Removed the O key and the P key time-warp dev-tool. SORRY!
  • Added a time skipper bench next to the beach diner
  • Added a time skipper bench next to the bridge close to your home
  • Added a new secret cutscene
  • Fixed some problems that were happening on the last Sunday
  • Lowered the volume of the moped
  • Fixed the loading text staying on the screen if you exit to title screen
  • That bed thing should now work if every villager is dead
  • Pausing the game shouldn’t be possible anymore if you are skipping time


Lakeview Valley 182 MB
Sep 18, 2019
Lakeview Valley 190 MB
Sep 18, 2019

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