Patch v0.23


  • Fixed the “trees” not working if you reach the second Sunday
  • Made sure the Sheriff actually attacks you, if he intents to do so on the second Sunday
  • Fixed the stage quest with Ivan not working properly
  • Fixed the final ending not working
  • Fixed the shotgun not working after the last patch
  • Fixed the black screen bug
  • Fixed the text not showing when you’re typing in your characters name
  • Added a fix for the Preacher appearing before he should
  • Removed the “need to crap” alert on the first day
  • Most weapons should work on the big flies now
  • Most weapons should work on the preacher now
  • Increased the distance you need to be from the stage for the Sheriff to start his speech
  • Made sure the Sheriff faces the right direction when he’s on stage
  • Tried a little fix for the problem with Sheriff getting alerted without reason
  • Tweaked the fishing and the figher minigame
  • Fixed issues with the Matt and Donna date


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Sep 10, 2019

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