Patch v0.22


  • Added the second Sunday
  • Added shroooooms
  • Added an outhouse to your yard so you can take craps at your own home!
  • Added YOU into the credits
  • Added a slew of cutscenes
  • Added a lot of lore
  • Added a visual effect to the joint
  • Added a fishing quest to George’s hut
  • Added more stuff to the Hermit
  • Added colliders to the burnt house
  • Added more activities for some villagers
  • You now can’t gain stamina if you are hungry
  • Moved around the items in the cemetary
  • Made sure the BLEEDING warning comes up if you try to sleep when bleeding
  • Tweaked the collider in the diner so the NPCs shouldn’t get stuck there as often
  • Tweaked the collider at north exit of the town so the NPCs shouldn’t get stuck there as often
  • Fixed the worm theme playing even after you have defeated him
  • Fixed the stagefloors not “registering” when you bring them to Ivan
  • Ivan shouldn’t run outside of his house to have sex with you anymore
  • Added a cheat “fuckyouroope” that teleports the stage floors to the beach
  • Added a cheat “norestforivan” that resets his work day so you’re able to help him multiple times in one day
  • Added a cheat “didnuffin” that sets Sheriff’s evidence and suspicion to 0
  • Added a cheat “asshole” that sets Sheriff’s evidence and suspicion to max and your popularity down to -10
  • Added a cheat “innercircle” that gives you the Sheriff’s trust
  • Added a new cheat “pleaseloveme” that sets the love for Amy variable to 3
  • Fixed the Sheriff finding almost a hundred pieces of evidence in some investigations
  • Fixed a problem with the flies only directing right
  • Hitting your uncle now works
  • Added “time skippers” to the southern beach
  • The pause menu shouldn’t work during cutscenes anymore
  • You can now skip the credits with esc or pause
  • Fixed the Wolf Lady’s “scare” audio cutting short
  • Fixed Morgo still selling you items even if you have angered him
  • Increased the distance where the fishing rod reacts to water
  • Fixed gaining popularity by cutting Martha’s bushes, even if she is dead
  • Added a new variable for NPC behaviours; whether they are paficists or not. The dog is currently the only pacifist, and won’t attack you even if provoked.
  • Matthew’s and Donna’s gate now won’t open after midnight
  • You may come across some bracelet items that seem to do nothing. That is because they do nothing. For now.
  • Fixed the heart icon appearing for a frame when NPCs get ready for sex
  • Fixed the problem where you’d instantly lose popularity if you try to have sex with the same NPC again
  • Added audio to the beads on the toilet door at Matt’s and Donna’s home
  • Fixed a problem that made sex impossible with some NPCs
  • Fixed some fps drops that were happening after midnight
  • (I noticed that the “livefortheweekend” and “noplacelikehome” cheats can reeeeally screw up the game, and cause bugs that I have no reason to fix, since I’m removing those cheats in the future. Use them with caution!)

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