Patch v0.21


  • Added multiple jobs you can do for Ivan while he is at the beach
  • Amy Cooper’s corpse at the beginning shouldn’t trigger any alerts now. Unless you’re dragging her body that is
  • Added the dog, but I haven’t made him useful yet
  • The Preacher will now appear on Saturday instead of Friday
  • Changed some dialogue of the Preacher
  • Made the day slightly shorter
  • You can now burp if you press attack button without holding anything. This has no purpose other than adding some crude interactivity into the game
  • Added a hammer as a weapon, does slightly more damage than the wrench
  • Added a lightbulb inside your home
  • Changed the appearance of the tall bushes so they stand out and look more impenetrable
  • The bugspray now gives NPCs the poisoned status and their attacks are 3 times weaker
  • Moved around some items
  • Lowered the pay for delivering trash to 20 (was 50)
  • The apple is once again edible
  • The shop doors will now only lock down after you are outside
  • Matthew’s and Donna’s gate dialogue might change if you wear certain faces
  • Made Donna not be so hard to please during the sexual minigame, and changed some of the dialogue in the Friday date
  • Also added another way to get through Matthew’s and Donna’s gate without popularity
  • Added audio to Matthew’s and Donna’s gate
  • Prettied up Donna’s and Matthew’s yard
  • “Prettied” up the area with the burned house
  • Added the dogtreat and catfood to the “ineedmytools” cheat, removed the bear trap from it since I kept stepping on it accidentally…
  • Fixed the problem with your torso turning white if you sit in the sauna with a mask
  • Made sure the blorox actually cleans the blood and also increased it’s effective radius
  • Added a way to gain popularity by cutting some bushes at Martha’s yard.
  • Added a way to gain popularity against money
  • Added a clock into the pause menu
  • Added a money displayer into the pause menu
  • Fixed Morgo’s hat sometimes not appearing
  • You can now tune the moped to be slightly faster with the wrench
  • Added an additional use for the screwdriver
  • Added more dialogue between some NPCs
  • Halved the area that NPC screams can be heard in
  • Added a text saying “DEMO VERSION” to the title screen
  • Moved the spot closer to your house where the moped spawns if you own it, or have killed it’s owner
  • Fixed the problem with collecting all saunarocks. Remember to use the cheat “saunatonttu” if you don’t feel like collecting them all again!
  • Fixed the ugly white borders on the “NEED TO CRAP” pop-ups
  • Fixed the problem with taking a shit
  • Made sure the energy drink’s speedboost lasts only for the day
  • Added more sounds to Frank’s “room mate”
  • Added colliders to the stone pillars of your home gate
  • Added a collider to Stuart’s toilet wall
  • It’s easier to bang Ivan now, just visit him at night.
  • Fixed the Wolf Lady’s “scare” audio not playing
  • The NPCs can’t be bothered after midnight by stomping flowers or stealing bikes anymore
  • Clothes will be returned on to you if you restart the day while naked


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Aug 17, 2019

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