Patch v0.20


  • The days are now shorter
  • Fixed the “clone” problem
  • You will now get hungry every morning if you haven’t eaten
  • You can now crap your pants
  • Being hungry affects your stamina regeneration
  • Snake poisoning also affects your stamina regeneration, and can be stacked with the hunger effect
  • The NPCs will now scream for help and run to the Sheriff if you enter the water when they’re chasing you
  • Increased the area that the trash checks when bringing stuff to the junkyard
  • Made the Sheriff leave your home at around 12pm if he doesn’t catch you on Monday morning to give you the speech
  • Fixed Morgo not speaking to you after you attack his tree
  • Made sure that NPCs don’t refer to alive people as dead
  • Made sure the chainsaw spills blood on you
  • Tried another fix for the issue with both your surroundings and interior showing when going into a new day
  • Lowered Donna’s expectations
  • NPCs shouldn’t appear on the fisher hut’s wall when they’re behind it
  • Found a reason why Stuart and Jimmy were able to see Ruth’s murder in the graveyard. Fixed it but not sure if it was the only reason.
  • Made sure the Sheriffs investigation has the correct murder weapon mentioned when using the chainsaw
  • Added a little slash effect when hitting NPCs
  • Made the objects in the item tab easier to inspect
  • Made sure the description of your house key changes if you didn’t take it from the Sheriffs office and died before you could


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Aug 08, 2019

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