Patch v0.19


  • Reworked Luanne’s furniture shop so you can now buy furniture and customise the walls and floors inside your home!
  • Fixed Franks teleporting shotgun spread
  • Added a little delay to Franks shotgunning, so you MIGHT have a SLIGHT chance to dodge
  • Made sure the suspicion theme stops playing if you go far enough from Frank after triggering his warning
  • Now the damn gate works…
  • Tried a little fix for the problem with outside of your house showing when you sleep peacefully into the next day, let me know if it still happens
  • Added the black key into the pause menus item tab
  • Slight framerate improvements
  • Fixed the NPCs getting stuck in the northern twin house
  • Fixed the problem when driving the moped through the cemetery gate
  • Fixed the black line on the left side of your home
  • Moved the location of the beartrap (it should still be in the old place if you play an older save)


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Aug 03, 2019

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