Patch v0.18


  • Made the big guy killable
  • Sex with keyboard is possible now, I tried
  • Fixed the problem with the gate of the abandoned house
  • Added a new muffler that you can find in the world instead of buying in a shop
  • Added new dialogue
  • Fixed the problem with Frank’s old behaviour stuff messing with the new
  • You can now gain popularity by killing all the snakes in the game
  • Fixed some collision problems with the fishers hut
  • Found another reason the NPCs were getting stuck, fixed it
  • Tweaked the Sheriff when multiple NPCs are reporting your crimes and bodies found at the same time
  • The Sheriff shouldn’t attack you automatically anymore if you’re near a dead body
  • Fixed some grammatical errors in old dialogue trees
  • Made the beartrap work on more things
  • Made the chainsaw work on more things

NOTE: this patch may seem small since I worked on a lot of stuff that I can’t include yet in the build! The paradise awaits!


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Aug 01, 2019

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