Patch v0.17


  • Fixed a lot of the inventory problems
  • Turned Frank into a “regular” villager
  • Made the moths easier, now the damage of a weapon is taken into consideration, so you’re able to one-hit them with certain weapons
  • You aren’t able to sleep when bleeding now
  • Added bandaid packages that heal you
  • The “skill-trees” will now drop their leaves when you’ve acquired the upgrade
  • Changed the pop-up that says CRIME NOTICED when a NPC sees a corpse into a BODY FOUND pop-up
  • Stamina upgrade should now work right away
  • The moped will now disappear if you enter an area transition when in water
  • NPCs should now disappear at midnight
  • Tweaked the pathfinding of the NPCs so they shouldn’t get stuck so much
  • Tweaked the western woods area where most of the NPC pathfinding screwups happened
  • Made the fishingrod smaller
  • Added a little delay to the pop-ups if you have both the money upgrade and the ammo upgrade, so they won’t display on top of each other
  • Made the toilet in the abandoned house usable
  • The tent should now appear, if it hasn’t yet, during the cutscene
  • Made Matthew’s and Donna’s gate-phone not work from the other side of the wall
  • Tried a little fix for the missing eyes thing, so it shouldn’t happen anymore, but if you already have this problem you will have to start a new save 
  • Changed the Sheriffs dialogue when a body has been found
  • Fixed the lag that occurs when the Dweller or the moths are unable to reach you
  • Made sure the Dweller and moths disappear if you die
  • Fixed the cut-off treetiles at your home woods
  • Fixed the player being able to see inside Franks cabin by hugging the outside wall
  • Fixed the treetiles in front of the junkyard that would appear over your character
  • Made sure the “FOR SALE” sign appears next to the moped if Dixon is alive and close by
  • Added a message

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