Patch v0.16


  • Added a motherfucking SUZUKI PV!
  • Added a new “character”
  • Brought the camera a bit closer to the player
  • Fixed the camera getting screwed up after continuing into the next day
  • Fixed the screenshake staying on after you get healed
  • If a NPC is trying to attack you before going to the Sheriff, they will give up if you get far enough, and won’t go to the Sheriff. Popularity will be decreased. (This is nice if you accidentaly run over a NPC with your moped and don’t want to start the day over)
  • Added a few locations for Morgo to give general tips for the player
  • Added visible locks to the gates so you know what color key you need
  • Added a new cheat “skeletonkey” which gives you all the keys in the game
  • Added doormats to interiors so you know where the door is
  • The Sheriffs evidence wall will now get more cluttered the more evidence he gathers
  • Removed stamina gaining if you have the unlimited stamina upgrade
  • Hits needed to gain stamina increases everytime you level up your stamina
  • Fixed the fencepost being visible in the fishers hut
  • Found a reason why Dixon might talk about Amy like she was dead, though she is but while she is not in the real way you know even though she is totally dead in a real way but not by you or was she?
  • Made sure the toilets aren’t able to teleport you into the next day…
  • Found a reason why the piggie might get stuck, fixed it
  • Fixed the northern bridges “splashing problems” when going under it
  • Made the plaque on the northern bridge readable
  • Added ground behind the trees at the northern bridge so you can’t see unreachable water
  • Worked on the abandoned house…


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Jul 26, 2019

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