Patch v0.15


  • Changed the dialogue that plays when the Sheriff investigates the victim of the bus accident. Your suspicion won’t increase from this
  • Changed Sheriffs dialogue when he’s near the diner, talking about the Amy case
  • Added a screenshake that gets more intense the more blood you lose
  • Improved the fishing minigame and fixed it’s bugs
  • Made sure the fishing line disappears after exiting the fishing minigame
  • Made the moths only appear after midnight
  • Fixed the fishing working on dry land after fishing in water
  • Fixed the invisible tent collider
  • Fixed Jimmy still not being beatable, if you beat him honestly
  • The moths will disappear if you go back to your home
  • The moths won’t attack you anymore if a conversation is active
  • Fixed the collider in the little blue hut
  • Added the new items to the “ineedmytools” cheat
  • Fixed Alex giving you money from trash even if she is dead
  • Fixed Lil Bobby giving popularity from the apple tree even if he is dead
  • Fixed the water clipping through the trees near your home
  • Tried fixing the giant heads floating in the end credits, haven’t tested it myself
  • Fixed the edge of the bridge near your home having a little line of water showing
  • The NPCs getting stuck more often might have been the result of me lowering their “look ahead” distance. Tried increasing it again
  • Tried fixing the collider problem in the Sheriffs office
  • Made the road near your home change the music to the basic overworld music, instead of playing the home-theme when you entered the road from your yard


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Jul 16, 2019

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