Patch v0.14


  • Added a “muffler”
  • Added four new masks
  • Added a beartrap (It doesn’t yet work on all the situations, basic NPC interaction is in place)
  • Activated the zoom effect again since it wasn’t the reason the lights flickered earlier
  • Added a mild drug that keeps your mind open (WIP)
  • Fixed the player character flickering between animation states when dragging something diagonally
  • Gave purpose to the little blue house on the south pier
  • Added the schedule script to Dixon so he doesn’t just stand around all day and night and added new portraits for him
  • Fixed the bug which caused Jimmy to win, even if his health was 0
  • Added streetlights to the area with the twin houses
  • Fixed the problem with some NPCs having the wrong dialogue after the last patch
  • Increased the amount of money you get from taking trash to the junkyard to 50 (was 10)
  • Reduced the amount of trash at your yard
  • Reduced the amount of saunarocks you can, and have to, find to 10 (there were over 20, and 15 was needed for the sauna to work)
  • Added sounds when moving in menus.
  • Tried a fix that might help with player getting stuck in menus when using a controller
  • Disabled mouse when using a controller
  • Made the “QUIT” button in the pause menu gray instead of red (not a big deal, I just wanted the patch notes to look longer)
  • Added sleeping places for the NPCs who live in the twin houses
  • Fixed Franks shed
  • Fixed one issue that might cut the Sheriffs investigation short
  • Fixed one instance that caused the NPCs to stop attacking you and just stand around
  • Made it so the NPCs stay at their place if the next location on their schechule is the same as their current. Before this they did a weird “adjustment run”

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