Patch v0.12


  • Some NPCs might now scream for help when attacked
  • Some dialogue might now change if certain NPCs are dead
  • Fixed NPC line of sight not working
  • The “GOT ITEM” is now skippable. Also added some transparency to it, so you can still see what’s going on behind
  • If you stand close to a corpse when a NPC spots it, they will alert the Sheriff about you, instead of the corpse
  • Added a little home for Alex in the junkyard, also added some actual junk to her junkyard. Not happy how it looks yet though
  • Added some details to Ivan’s house
  • Checked that the metal detector works, you just have to be really close to find the correct position of the “treasure”
  • Added a way to beat Jimmy at his game
  • Added some damage to the knife after my wife complained about how killing the cat takes too long…
  • Added some damage to the sickle and wrench as well
  • Replaced an old useless item with the wine bottle
  • Fixed the pathfinding problem in the forest area above the cow
  • Optimised pathfinding to improve framerate
  • Fixed the football staying in the rolling animation after returning it to Dixon
  • Found a reason the Preacher might stay into Saturday. Fixed that
  • Added the tent to the pathfinding map
  • Added a little offset to every NPC schedule, so they won’t all start moving at the same time
  • The NPCs should now disappear during “nightly attacks” and while you’re underwater
  • Added an use for the magnet item
  • Fixed the title screen being dark if you exit the game during night


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Jun 22, 2019

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