Patch v0.11


  • You can now walk around nude without worries. I’ll try to write more dialogue for the NPCs commenting your nudity in the future
  • Shops wont sell you anything if you’re nude
  • Added a dresser to Donna’s and Matt’s so you can actually get naked and continue the date
  • Fixed the gate not opening after talking through the security system succesfully
  • Reworked how the eating works and no more infinite consumables my friend
  • Only thing eating right now does is it allows you to take a crap on a toilet. Craps don’t stack, so eating more doesn’t mean more crap
  • BumBum can now be peacefully dispatched by gaining popularity twice when he’s following you
  • Added dialogue when you take certain enemies to Morgo’s tent
  • Throwables should now work on all enemies
  • Fixed the boss music continuing onto the next day
  • Fixed the Preacher appearing after Friday
  • The Preacher won’t keep shooting you if you go out of your house area
  • Fixed Ivan's dialogue problem
  • Fixed the Wolf Lady repeating her starting dialogue if you talk to her while fighting
  • Reduced the amount of saunarocks you need to get a nice sauna experience (now you need 15 instead of 20)
  • Going to sauna removes poison effect now
  • Changed the appearance of information “pop ups” (removed the white outline)
  • Added various colliders and fixed some old ones


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Jun 22, 2019

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