Patch v0.10


  • Added Matthew’s and Donna’s home
  • Added Amy’s and Dixon’s home
  • Added throwable items. The apple is now one, for example
  • Gave the Preacher a “facelift”
  • Added a non-lethal way to defeat the Wolf Lady
  • Added a secret way to travel back in time
  • Added a new cheat for gaining stamina (barbarium)
  • Changed the dogtreats into dog bones that can be thrown
  • Added lake sounds to the title screen
  • Fixed some orange colored trees appearing to be cut off
  • Fixed BumBum not appearing, even if it’s Thursday
  • Tweaked how quickly you gain stamina back. Now it’s faster than before, but very slow when poisoned
  • Did something that might’ve fixed the black screen issue, not sure if fixed
  • Added Morgo

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