Patch v0.09


  • Tweaked the npc speed, damage and reaction time of the NPCs
  • “Tightened” the player characters movement, especially when playing with a controller
  • You can now hit a lot faster but you will easily over-exert yourself that way
  • Made sure the stamina regenerates.
  • Made the sweat turn a bit transparent when you’re nearly out of stamina
  • Adjusted bleeding of the player and the npcs
  • Made sure the npcs actually spot the corpses
  • Made sure the npcs don’t attack you automatically if they’ve only found a dead body
  • Made Reginald back into less of a snitch so he doesn’t run to the Sheriff right at the bus
  • Added water sounds around the lake
  • Added new music when hit by snakes or crabs
  • You should now be able to gain more base stamina from killing flies or snakes
  • Pathfinding through the cemetary should now be disabled until you open the gate
  • Fixed the issue with the Sheriffs investigation loading the wrong area
  • Fixed the Sheriffs investigation showing the outside of a house if the corpse is inside
  • The shotgun blast should attract npcs from a wider area now
  • Fixed a problem that might’ve caused the controller to not work in menus after loading a game


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Jun 12, 2019

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