Patch v0.07


  • Npcs won’t attack you into the next day… (I should just sticky this “fix” to all my patchnotes)
  • If the Sheriff gets alerted when he is stalking you, it’s “game over”
  • Added end credits, and I’ll add all of you testers into it in the future!
  • Added the long road (right from the bus) to the npc pathfinding map
  • Added dialogue for the Sheriff that reveals more lore
  • Continued the dialogue in the “cow situation”
  • Added sexual dialogue for Ivan. You’re welcome.
  • Added new “Annoyed” dialogue to the npcs, which you can activate in various ways in future updates. Stomping on Ivans flowers uses the new system.
  • The npcs now have time and day specific places to sit or sleep etc (I haven’t yet added places for all npcs but the “tech” is now there)
  • Tweaked the speed, damage and reaction time of the npcs
  • Suspicion meter shouldn’t stay up anymore after you drop a body into water
  • Added various colliders to the world
  • Fixed the positioning of the ball
  • Fixed the positioning of the flies
  • Fixed the bugspray “ammo” reseting
  • Reginald had a _very_ high tolerance for criminal activities, now he should react to illegal stuff like everyone else
  • Made sure facial hair appears in the intro cutscene (if you have facial hair selected)
  • Fixed the Sheriff having a different colored collar than his portrait
  • Added a new cheat: noplacelikehome (teleports you to your home)


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Jun 10, 2019

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