Patch v0.06


  • Fixed (FOR REAL THIS TIME) the npcs attacking you into the next day
  • Optimized some parts that might’ve caused some fps drops
  • Made the Sheriffs investigation happen always at night
  • If the Sheriff investigates a body of a villager that is at your home, you get special dialogue
  • When the Sheriff is sure it’s you, he will follow you to try and catch you red handed
  • Removed the “rubberband” bug that caused the camera to jerk around after loading a game
  • Fixed the map not working when using the “morgone” cheat
  • Removed the cow dialogue if the cow is dead
  • Fixed the collider inside the carpenters house
  • Fixed the shotgun not working in the last patch
  • Added collider to the apple tree
  • Fixed some issues with existing colliders
  • Fixed the junkyard lady having a white torso when having sex
  • George no longer should be close enough to the walls of his hut to be spoken to from outside. If this problem continues then I just have to reduce the distance from where you can talk to npcs
  • Found the reason for npcs getting stuck in the forest. Fixed
  • Made sure the player is clothed accordingly in the doctor cutscene
  • Fixed the weird squares in the starting areas lightposts at night


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Jun 06, 2019

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