Patch v0.05

New patch with some new content.


  • Made sure the npcs don’t have x-ray vision
  • Added facial hair
  • Added post-processing
  • Added a sauna and associated stuff
  • Added flies
  • Non-villager kills no longer grant upgrade points
  • Added more routines for Lil Bobby
  • Added a new cheat: morgone (adds every upgrade)
  • Added a new cheat: saunatonttu (adds certain collectibles)
  • Made the cat have less blood than the villagers
  • Changed the name and description of the “Health Gui” upgrade
  • Added oxygen meter when underwater. You need the health gui upgrade
  • WASD movement inside menus should work now
  • Shotgun shouldn’t work underwater now
  • Fixed the player turning invisible after a sex act
  • Added colliders to Stuarts home
  • Found a possible reason for suspicion points staying into the next day, hopefully fixed now
  • Added a cupboard into your home where you can take off your clothes


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Jun 05, 2019

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