Patch v0.04

v0.04 another patch before the weekend! I'll resume patching next week, and hopefully I'm able to add some real content instead of just bug fixes!

  • Fixed the shops shutting down immediately after using them for the second time
  • Fixed some npcs being invisible when they should be sitting or at other activities
  • The Sheriff shouldn’t get stuck, if he does he should teleport to somewhere where his not stuck
  • Made the “suspicion” meter reset at the start of every day, hopefully this fixes the issue where npcs report you even if you’re not doing anything illegal
  • Added speed to BumBum if you hit him during his stalking
  • Changed the infinite shotgun upgrade to daily shotgun shells
  • Made some visual changes to the Sheriffs attacks
  • Made pathfinding map better so people shouldn’t get stuck in the forest when you’re at the south beach area
  • Fixed the Sheriffs investigation getting cut short if you’ve mutilated the corpse
  • The ammo gui shouldn’t display a white square when changing inventory slots
  • Made another fix for blood on the water. Now you shouldn’t bleed at all while swimming
  • Made the npcs invisible if you’re underwater
  • Added daily schedules for Jimmy, now he shouldn’t play the game unless he’s at the fighting cabinet
  • Shotgun works on snakes now
  • Frank should attack you now if you hit him in the back
  • Removed the suspicious activity from wearing a head of a villager. This isn’t realistic but should add some comic relief
  • Added another fix for walking while in the “Time to choose” menu
  • Added some lore
  • Fixed the popularity meter showing up as the calendar in the pause menu
  • The npcs should now keep attacking you if the Sheriff has already been alerted
  • Added a little delay to npcs attacks
  • Made sure the ammo and health indicators are under the shop menus
  • Added two new cheats: toastofthetown (adds 5 popularity) and powerhungry (adds 20 upgrade points)


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May 31, 2019

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