Patch v0.03

Patch v0.03 

Note: I haven’t tested if some of the fixes actually work so bear with me if I’ve made mistakes!

  • Fixed some issues that might have caused the square lights
  • Made sure the colliders are removed along with the cow
  • Fixed the fishing line not depleting, causing the minigame to get stuck
  • Removed the walking animation during conversations
  • Made BumBum faster once he’s done stalking
  • Fixed Reginald the bus drivers daily schedules
  • Fixed the bank teller not giving you money sometimes
  • Added a popularity indicator into the pause menu
  • Made sure the EXIT button doesn’t disappear in the carpenter menu
  • Fixed the portrait for the Old Man
  • Added shotgun blasts as one of the cause of deaths in the Sheriffs investigation
  • Fixed the Sheriff having his “investigation portrait” display on normal conversations
  • The eyes in the tree at the beginning of the game should now disappear after Sunday
  • Added another fix for the “infinite food” glitch
  • Removed the ability to move while in the “Time to choose” menu
  • Made the player character drop the masks further away when sitting
  • Fixed the pathfinding map in the cemetary that caused some npcs get stuck at the stonegate
  • Fixed the colliders in the doctors office so players wouldn’t get stuck so easily
  • Removed the ability to continue onto the next day if the doctor is killed
  • Made the scene transitions faster.
  • Fixed the npcs disappearing during scene transitions
  • Fixed (again) the Sheriff investigating non-villagers 
  • Fixed a certain hat appearing over a certain place

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