Patch v0.02

New patch is ready!


  • Fixed some issues that might have caused the player character to roll around invincible
  • Fixed George the Fisherman and Alex the junkyard owner disappearing after Sunday
  • Fixed Frank yelling to you even if he isn’t around
  • Fixed the player not being able to “move” the cow
  • Removed the auto-heal of wounds
  • The doctor should be able to fix your wounds
  • Added a calendar to the pause menu to show what day you’re on.
  • Skill tree with the drag ability has been fixed
  • The cat isn’t able to alert the Sheriff anymore
  • Fixed the Preacher having BumBums dialogue
  • Fixed Stuart leaving behind the corpse of Ivan upon dying
  • Removed the glitch that allowed you to eat infinite amount of food
  • The Sheriff no longer investigates bodies that are not regular villagers
  • You’re no longer able to sleep if the Sheriff is coming for you
  • Added dialogue to the owner of the cabin.
  • Fixed Reggies daily schedules.
  • Fixed the lighting bug that caused the lights to appear as squares
  • Fixed the save file issue that happens if you exit the game during character creation
  • The blood puddles should no longer appear over water
  • Fixed the issue where George seemed to hover over his fishing hut
  • Fixed the issue (with a heavy heart) that made Matthew run around naked
  • Fixed the dragging issue that happens when you take trash to the junkyard
  • There was an issue with the tileset at the southern beach. Should be fixed now
  • Fixed the fishing rod not appearing during the fishing mini-game
  • Fixed the issue that caused the NPCs to stop their daily routines and keep staying at one place.
  • Fixed the player character going through the screen bounds in the fighting mini-game
  • Made the catfood work on the cat
  • Removed the ability to move while dialogue is playing
  • Fixed the infinite weapon swinging bug when moving downwards diagonally
  • Added a better button prompt to the sexual encounters
  • Added a lot more colliders to various pieces of furniture. Some “ghost” objects still exists


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May 29, 2019

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